The federal government has a register that gets you paid before other creditors and even the BANKS / LIQUIDATORS / TAX OFFICE

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Individuals or companies that have any of the following Assets or Liabilities

Small business and the PPSR

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Our Services


Asset Protection Consultancy

Our professional consultancy service will establish the areas of your business most in need of protection and provide practical cost effective solutions. We are flexible in our service delivery designing it to fit with your individual needs. We offer a once off advisory service or an ongoing service where your business does not have the internal capability.

Asset Analysis

Our consultants are trained to be able to read your balance sheet and following discussions with you the business owner identify areas that need to be protected from simple businesses to complex multiple entity operations. We spend the time doing a top to bottom analysis of your business to identify those assets at risk.


Relevant Documentation Review

Our systems ensure that all the essential documentation is correct and we cross reference various information to ensure that registrations are perfected.


PPSR Registration Services

We offer a full registration service where we do the registrations both initial and as required going forward. This area is extremely important, if a registration is not done correctly it will be worthless when it is required most. Unfortunately for those that do it themselves you will not know if it has been done correctly until it is too late to correct. We provide not only the registration but also the clauses and agreements needed to be in place so your registration is perfected and will stand up when and if required.

Legal Advice

We have affiliation with both legal and liquidation specialists and can obtain high level specialist advice if required.

Physical and Financial Asset Protection

The law has changed and for both your Physical and Financial Assets to be protected you need to register them on the Federal Governments national register. You insure your car, house, life, etc. Why wouldn’t you also protect your most valuable assets that make you money, your business!

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